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DSI Experts are skilled at installing digital signage in any office environment.  We can improve your user experience with: digital video walls, wayfinders, digital welcome centers and real-time digital information displays.  Contact DSI Experts for a FREE consultation to learn more about digital signage solutions for your office, headquarters or church campus.


Featured Client

CSI Cardiovascular Systems, Inc. Minneapolis, Minnesota

CSI Cardiovascular Systems, Inc. wanted a Dramatic digital display in the lobby of their Minneapolis, Minnesota headquarters. Dramatic here is with a capital “D” as this digital package would feature two towers and 24 individual screens, with 9 foot-plus tall touchscreen overlays provided by TSI. Not a minor project and not your standard A/V digital installation, this would be an architecturally integrated, interactive digital touchscreen experience. That’s why Microgigantic and a third-party digital software provider called DSI Experts to handle the entire digital installation.

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