Digital Signage for Business

Corporations & Small Business Alike Up Their Game with Digital Signage

Where paper and posters were once the norm, businesses are successfully using digital signage and enhancing their perception by customers and employees alike.  From massive video walls showcasing a brands image, to digital displays used to inform employees and visitors digital displays are impressive and still a new enough technology to be perceived as being on the cutting edge.

Workplace Digital Signage

Throughout the workplace, digital signage is being used to:

  • Welcome visitors and scheduled guests
  • Direct visitors with maps, directories, and meeting calendars
  • Inform employees and visitors alike with meeting room displays
  • Motivate employees and increase employee engagement
  • Communicate company news and events
  • Promote social media feeds
  • Convey HR information
  • Announce new products
  • Keep employees and management apprised of key production indicators
  • Reinforce the company mission, values and goals
  • Emphasize and strengthen the brand image

Corporate Digital Signage Benefits

The benefits of digital signage in the corporate world are as compelling as they are across industries.  First, it is efficient and eco-friendly.  Depending upon the size of your organization and your manual printing and distribution expenses, digital signage quickly pays for itself.  Once implemented, digital signage software makes the delivery of messages across locations swift and seamless.  Using a single dashboard and content management system, new messages can be created and scheduled to post immediately or on a scheduled date and time.

Second, the power of video and digital imagery lies in its ability to be remembered.  People remember 80% of what they see, 20% of what they read, and only 10% of what they hear.  All this leads to ensuring more people get the message.

And speaking of getting the message to more people, digital signage is scalable.  As digital displays come down in price, adding new locations is easy and affordable.

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Dramatic Digital Display with a Capital "D"

Cardiovascular Systems, Inc. Minneapolis, Minnesota

Cardiovascular Systems, Inc. wanted a Dramatic digital display in the lobby of their Minneapolis, Minnesota headquarters. Dramatic here is with a capital “D” as this digital package would feature two towers over 9 feet tall and 24 individual screens with touchscreen overlays provided by TSI.

Not a minor project and not your standard A/V digital installation, this would be an architecturally integrated, interactive digital touchscreen experience. Without a second thought, Microgigantic and a third-party digital software provider called DSI Experts to handle the entire digital installation.

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