Digital Signage for Retail

Retailers Embrace Digital Signage to Increase Sales

The retail industry has embraced digital signage and if your company has not yet, it’s time to make the move.  Digital signage is helping department stores, chain stores, mom and pop stores, franchises, warehouse retailers, malls and shopping centers, and auto dealerships throughout North America to:

  • Increase store traffic with digital window displays. Industry statistics show that 80% of customers have entered a store after an advertisement on a digital sign caught their interest.
  • Easily promote products through all locations from one central location and create product promotions on the fly. Additionally, product promotions can be scheduled to run at certain times of the day or can be tied to store inventory to display what is selling or what is available.
  • Affect purchasing decisions by providing the detailed information a customer wants to decide on which item to purchase. Additionally, it can be used to upsell and cross sell.
  • Increase sales. 40% of shoppers say that a digital sign close to the point of purchase persuaded them to buy something other than what they were going to purchase.
  • Increase brand awareness and ensure the same messaging from location to location.
  • Communicate with customers and employees

In Store Digital Signage

In store digital signage comes in many varieties and applications.  Each day retailers are finding new ways to present information to customers digitally.  The beauty of digital signage is the ease and ability to a/b test promotions to see which one works best.  Knowing when a specific promotion is running and tabulating sales during that period allows store management to understand what is working and what is not in almost real-time.

Interactive kiosks can provide basic information such as a store map, but today’s retailers are getting more tech adventurous.  Interactive kiosks are allowing customers to try on clothes and makeup virtually and order different styles and sizes right from the fitting room.  They are being used to offer recommendations for products based on personal preferences or body type, provide detailed information and reviews on products, and provide real-time inventory information giving the customer an engaging, first class shopping experience.

Interactive kiosks are also helping sales associates to provide a high level of expertise on more intricate products.  Arming sales associates with the information they need to provide a level of expertise expected by the customer increases customer satisfaction and makes the sale easier.

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Impressive Digital Video Wall Brings Mazda Brand to Life

Mazda Dealerships

Keith Milligan and his team at DSI Experts were up for the task of making the famous Mazda brand come to life at Mazda showrooms in Oregon, Washington, Illinois and North Carolina.  This impressive digital video wall prototype installation at Mazda in Washington State required a 20’ tall ladder, scaffolding, endless feet of cabling and three digital installation experts to install. The finished product is nothing short of Zoom. Zoom.

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