Digital Signage for Government

Government Agencies, Airports, Convention Centers, and More Benefit from Digital Signage

From municipalities to state and federal government, digital signage is streamlining processes, reducing costs and creating a better customer service experience for visitors and employees alike.  Used throughout the government sector, digital signage is being implemented to direct, inform, entertain, educate and communicate with personnel and customers.

In government buildings, airports and convention centers, digital signage is used to help visitors navigate unfamiliar territory and find their way to their destination.  In courthouses digital displays list the dockets scheduled for the day while airports use a similar implementation but list flights arriving and departing.  The installation of digital signage in facilities such as these replaces what was once a laborious manual task and reduces costs as well.

Police stations have implemented digital signage to communicate schedules, provide training information, and department news to employees.  They also use digital signage to display most wanted bulletins, neighborhood crime statistics and department goals to name a few.  In county jails, real time booking information is displayed on digital displays to ensure prisoners are processed within the legally mandated time and, in fire stations real time call notifications display maps, directions and the location of the nearest fire hydrants.

If you’ve ever been to the DMV you know that wait times can be lengthy.  Self-service digital kiosks are implemented to allow customers to skip the line.  For those that must see a clerk to register a new car or obtain a new drivers license, digital signage provides queue information so waiting visitors know how long they must wait.  Digital signage is also installed to entertain waiting guests with television shows, local news, weather, and informational messages so that wait times are perceived to be shorter.

On military bases digital signage is used for wayfinding, outside meeting rooms, and for base-wide message distribution.  It is also used to provide local area information to new arrivals and to advertise opportunities and products.  Throughout government entities the use of digital signage is on the rise due to the ease and speed by which it can be implemented and how quickly messages can be changed and broadcast.

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Busy Airport Installs Digital Wayfinders to Ensure Passengers Get Where They Need to Be

Denver International Airport, Denver, CO

How did the sixth-busiest airport in the United States decide to direct over 28 million arriving and departing passengers per year? They called on NETSIC DSI Experts to install digital wayfinder signs on train shuttle platforms.

Departing passengers now have access at each shuttle station to touch-screen digital monitors that help them locate boarding gates, restaurants and other services provided at each terminal. Arriving passengers use digital touch-screens to find the baggage claim area and details about transportation, hotels and information desks.

Installing digital signage in this busy airport required overnight security access to four separate terminals. Each area had unique challenges including granite, marble and other solid floor surfaces which each required different methods of installation. Passenger safety and comfort was a top priority and construction had to be timed so as not to disrupt the traffic flow exiting and entering the trains.

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