Digital Signage for Healthcare

Healthcare Digital Signage Increases Customer Satisfaction

The use of digital signage in healthcare has made a huge impact on doctor’s offices, clinics, labs, hospitals, pharmacies and veterinary practices throughout the world.  While the reduction in materials and printing costs is significant, other benefits such as reduction in perceived wait times and higher customer satisfaction are far more valuable.

In large healthcare facilities, finding the location where you need to go can be daunting. Interactive wayfinding kiosks can help patients and visitors with a comprehensive department and physician directory, a detailed map, and step-by-step directions.  Navigating visitors efficiently to their destination is just the beginning of an enjoyable customer experience.

Once patients and visitors reach their destination they often have to wait to be seen.  Statistics show that in the healthcare industry where wait times are high the use of digital signage reduces perceived wait time by as much as 35 percent.  Using digital signage to display updates on wait times, information on procedures relevant to their visit, patient success stories and testimonials, local news, weather and other engaging entertainment helps to alleviate frustration and anxiety and makes the wait more enjoyable.

In hospital cafeterias staff members easily update digital menu boards with the menu for the day, nutrition information and lunch and dinner specials.  The use of digital menu boards is eco-friendly compared to printing menus daily or weekly.

As in other industries, employee communication is a top priority in healthcare.  Using digital signs in staff break rooms allows management to distribute time critical messages to all necessary personnel in a quick and efficient manner.  The use of digital signs also keeps staff abreast of recent happenings, department goals and objectives, training initiatives, and more.

In the pharmacy digital signage is used to advertise sales and for product promotions.  When integrated with the inventory system, promotions can automatically be changed to a product that has high inventory when inventory for an advertised item is low.  This avoids customer frustration, reduces holding costs and increases sales.

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Adventist Hospital Installs Digital Signage to Enhance the Customer Experience

Castle Rock Adventist Hospital, Castle Rock, Colorado

Centura Health opened a state-of-the-art hospital in one of Denver’s fastest growing suburbs, offering comprehensive services to the community. The medical campus welcomes patients with an impressive three-story tall lobby.  Inside, amenities include a farm-to-table café that serves grass-fed beef, vegan entrees and wood-fired pizza.  To ensure visitors get where they are going, there are friendly staff to lead visitors to emergency services, specialty care and the Birth Center.

Throughout the hospital and medical buildings, digital signage provides real-time directory and event information, wayfinder directions and digital art. DSI Experts installed easy-to-use, digital touchscreens throughout to provide information to patients and visitors.  Providing everything from the café menu to local amenity information like bike rentals and trail maps, digital touchscreens are enhancing the patient/visitor experience.

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