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Headquartered in Denver, CO, DSI Experts is a trusted name in digital signage installation services.  We work on digital signage projects for digital signage software companies and individual companies across North America.  Our portfolio of work includes hotels, resorts, airports, colleges, healthcare providers, auto dealerships, military installations, malls, and a few zoos too.

With over 20,000 displays installed we bring extensive experience and a detailed understanding of the nuances involved in digital signage installation whether it is one display in one location, many displays across a number of buildings or many displays across the country.  From a simple display, to digital touchscreen kiosks, to video walls, we’ve installed them all.

Our Services Include:

Project Management

The experts at DSI facilitate your project by working closely with your construction project team and digital sign manufacturer or provider. Constant communication is the key to a successful installation and we understand the importance of doing it right the first time. We manage and execute plans and processes to meet your project goals efficiently and effectively. The end result is a digital signage installation that is completed on schedule and stays within budget.


Working with your team or marketing director we’ll perform a site survey to identify installation requirements including product placement, hardware specifications, enclosure customization, ventilation, and special requirements based on wall or floor surfaces.

Signage Installation

Our team will install your digital display hardware, assemble any enclosures, run cable and perform minor electrical changes (if needed.) Each installation is completed with software testing to ensure your display is clear and fully functioning for your consumers and visitors to enjoy. Our expertise allows your employees to focus on what they do best, without distractions related to troubleshooting. Unlike other A/V and sign installation companies who contract help from third parties, every DSI Experts installer is employed by DSI Experts and trained by the founder or another senior digital sign expert.
  • NEC
  • Phillips
  • Planar
  • Samsung
  • TSI Touch


Our IT professionals will ensure your displays have a solid connection with your newly installed or existing network whether hardwired or wireless.

Turnkey Implementation

Turnkey Implementation - With our turnkey implementation service, we take care of every aspect of your implementation including project management, planning, signage installation, and connectivity. Our turnkey implementation ensures there are no surprises along the way and allows your project to be done on time and within budget.
  • Guaranteed results

Maintenance & Support

Maintenance and Support – Following go-live we’ll customize a maintenance and support plan to your exact needs. Digital signage, video walls, wayfinders and meeting room digital signs should be maintained regularly. Maintenance includes re-aligning, calibrating, cable management, cleaning of computers, digital screens and surrounding hardware and frontages. Scheduled maintenance ensures optimum performance and product reliability. We also offer digital signage training if you choose to employ an in-house technician.


If you are taking on a digital signage project and want insight from an experienced digital signage installation team, we are happy to help you with questions and direction. As consultants we'll meet on-site with your construction project team, IT and in-house designers to discuss your goals. We can do an on-site survey with your team to identify issues and help your team draft a strategic plan.

Digital Signage Installation Services Sensitive to Your Business Environment

DSI Experts provides the technical knowledge and experience you need to ensure a successful installation.  In addition to technical knowledge we understand that your business needs to continue to run and that the installation of your digital equipment can't interfere with your customers, employees or business operations.  We do whatever it takes to make sure it is business as usual.

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A Few Words from Our Customers

DSI Experts Went Above and Beyond

DSI Experts went above and beyond with a unique digital gallery we added to the showroom floor, from sourcing the local beetle-kill wood frames for the five digital signs to working with the facilities director, IT director and other sub-contractors to ensure that the gallery had the proper ventilation and all electrical was installed according to code. Keith even had the store manager confirm the amount of space the staff needed behind the display cases and ensured that the placement of frames was compliant with ADA codes.

I highly recommend DSI Experts for any retail digital signage installation, as well as for consulting and digital signage project management.

Diane Ferraro
CMO & Marketing Consultant | The Soulful Experience

We're Greatly Impressed with Their Work

Our experience has been nothing but professional and enjoyable. We’ve all been together before the sun rises getting the process of installing screens underway. They are friendly, respectable and flexible not only with their hours but throughout the process.

We have heavily relied upon DSI Experts including having them store our TVs until our store was ready to accept delivery and installation. They come with all our supplies so that we don’t have to worry about a thing. They even travel to our other nationwide locations so that we can rely on them to take care of the install while we sleep peacefully in our own beds. We are greatly impressed with their work and will continue to use them for our installations.

Kristi Bryden
CX Manager & Interactive Content Specialist

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