Why Choose DSI

DSI Experts Founder and CEO Keith Milligan has been in the digital world for two decades and has a unique foundational understanding of IT, network solutions and AV.

When digital signage software companies and clients across industries started asking for a communications platform that was state-of-the-art and easy to maintain, Keith knew that his technical expertise combined with his commitment to superb customer service would exceed expectations.

We really appreciate the excellence in the work that DSI Experts provides plus the high caliber of their people that cannot be matched.

Our experience has been nothing but professional and enjoyable. We’ve all been together before the sun rises getting the process of installing screens underway. They are friendly, respectable and flexible not only with their hours but throughout the process.

We have heavily relied upon DSI Experts including having them store our TVs until our store was ready to accept delivery and installation. They come with all our supplies so that we don’t have to worry about a thing. They even travel to our other nationwide locations so that we can rely on them to take care of the install while we sleep peacefully in our own beds. We are greatly impressed with their work and will continue to use them for our installations.

Kristi Bryden 

CX Manager & Interactive Content Specialist


Keith and his in-house team of digital signage experts travel across North America to assess digital signage needs, develop strategies and install brand experience solutions.  They have done work in every major industry.  No matter where you are in North America, if there is digital signage, you have likely experienced the wow that DSI Experts provides.  Our focus is to help our clients provide an impeccable customer experience through the use of digital signage.

Let Our DSI Experts Bring the WOW to Your Business or Organization.

DSI Experts' mission is to offer clients personalized attention and customized services. We ensure that every project we take on fits in our wheelhouse, is properly managed by an experienced DSI Experts leader, is completed on-time and within budget, and delivers a technically superior digital experience.

Our other companies, NETSIC (Network Systems IT Company) and NETSIC Relocation, offer additional technical support and resources to the DSI Experts' client, ensuring that every division at your organization, from IT to Operations, Finance to Marketing, feels supported and confident every step of the way.

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